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For over 19 years the residents of Warrenton, OR have trusted the office of Bayside Audiology for their hearing concerns.

Bayside Audiology is a locally owned and operated private audiology practice.  Jan Hankerson, M.S., audiologist has helped those with hearing concerns for over 34 years. Whether you are in need of a hearing examination or require assistance with your hearing aid, we will provide you with a professional experience that you can come to know and trust.

What are some signs of hearing loss?

• Difficulty understanding speech
• Turns one ear consistently toward the sound source 
• Difficulty hearing the doorbell or telephone ring 

• TV or radio up too loud for others
• Is an effort to hear


A common misconception is that all hearing disorders need a hearing aid; certain hearing disorders can actually be medically or surgically correctable. With a licensed audiologist we are able to give you a detailed explanation of available service options and products that can help you with your hearing concerns.

Contact the office of Bayside Audiology to schedule an evaluation today at (503) 861-3235.


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